What do volumetric and complex computer data have to do with the concept of aesthetics? Aesthetics is the sensation, the sensibility in perceiving beauty through the mediation of meaning. Extracting the beauty, the particular out of the universal, is the task of the artist who uses some data. Data relating to reality, society, nature, but also to one’s own imagination, which must study, analyze and translate into a work of art.

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    Video Mapping, Immersive Art, Architecture

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    Italian Ambassy, ​​Buenos Aires, Argentina

Antaless visual design


Dataesthetic wants to focus on the artist’s work, and like this, especially in the world of visual art, is able to transform mathematical data, calculations, and proportions into representations that arouse, in a completely inexplicable and unpredictable way, multiple emotions and moods in the observer. Architecture is remodelled and transformed to be perceived with a new aesthetic sense. Throughout the construction of innovative digital materials, the particular arrangement of lights and shadows, shapes and colors on the facade, the artist creates a harmonious representation of beauty, a work that manages to create in the viewer a shared sentiment, in short, something universally communicable.


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