The second principle of thermodynamics states that thermal energy, and therefore heat, always passes from a hot body to a less hot one, and never the other way around. The energy is distributed between
the two bodies reaching a thermal equilibrium. The measure of the degree of reached equilibrium is called entropy.

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    Video Mapping, Immersive Art

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    Zeffirelli Museum, Florence, Italy

Antaless visual design


Order is fundamental in whatever the human mind finds itself having or wanting to understand. Because the senses, first of all, capture order and structural organization; without them there is no understanding or possibility of conveying a meaning, a message, an emotion. According to the ancient Greek philosophers, art had to be made out of order, harmony, proportions. Therefore, only those who work with beauty as their goal are true artists. Entropy intends to celebrate the infinite search for order and balance, the stylistic code of Franco Zeffirelli.


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