Let's turn on the wonder, empowering the imagination Request information ANTALESS VISUAL DESIGN We make amazing things happen while boosting creativity Scroll down Portfolio/Projects Antaless Visual Design is a creative studio that operates internationally in the production of 3D and 2D video-mapping, multimedia shows, festivals and cultural, commercial and institutional events.

Visual Design

Unique, Multisensory experience

Each of our projects challenges the intellect and the emotions, triggers the spatial perception of the viewer, offering a unique and unrepeatable multisensory experience.

Inspired by the history and identity of each space and place, we weave narratives that reveal hidden messages beneath the surface of modernity.

We constantly test and implement new and different techniques and technologies, for more engaging shows and interactions. We offer companies, public and private, an opportunity for promotion, entertainment, connection and involvement of their public, tailor-made and unmatched.


Video Mapping

Starting from the capillary study of shapes and materials, we design multimedia…


Visual 2D/3D

Through the use of 2D and 3D rendering techniques, our team of modeling professionals…


Light installation

Light helps us shape the space and ignite the magic. To do this, our lighting designers…



We create immersive and engaging experiences, to transport the public…


Our job is not to give our customers what they want, but what they have never dreamed of

From the conception of the concept to the technical inspections, from the creation of 2D and 3D contents to the development of innovative automation techniques, each production phase is meticulously cared for by the team, to guarantee a coherent and qualitative design solution, which usually far exceeds the customer’s expectations.

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Creativity, like human life itself, begins in darkness. Exposing darkness means rediscovering the shape that each shadow brings along. Shadows made of images that chase each other and resurface for a few moments, and then vanish again in deep spaces. Depth increases the distortion of space and generates an ongoing negotiation with the perceived reality.


Recent Projects

Discover some of our 3D video mapping projects that have captivated viewers around the world, and get ready to build with us your custom-made show.


What do volumetric and complex computer data have to do with the concept of aesthetics? Aesthetics is the sensation, the sensibility in perceiving beauty through the...
  • Tag

    Video Mapping, Immersive Art, Architecture

  • Where is it

    Italian Ambassy, ​​Buenos Aires, Argentina


Creativity, like human life itself, begins in darkness. Exposing darkness means rediscovering the shape that each shadow brings along.
  • Tag

    Video Mapping, Immersive Art, Festival

  • Where is it

    Kunstkraftwerk Center, Leipzig, Germany


Triskelion is the homage of our creative director Alessio Cassaro to his Palermo.
  • Tag

    Video Mapping, Festival, Immersive Art

  • Where is it

    Politema Garibaldi Theater, Palermo Italy

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