Becoming Tokyo

A city that leads to other cities and new realities, Tokyo is mystery and attraction, tradition and innovation. During the night, every window becomes a firefly and the rigid shapes of the buildings soften.In the streets, it is light that shapes the architecture and the environment, giving lightness to space. And it is precisely by following the lights of the night that one can appreciate the qualities of this great metropolis, characterized by the uniqueness of its traditions, continuous tendency to change, and innovation.

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    Video Mapping, Arte Immersiva, Architettura

Becoming Tokyo
Becoming Tokyo
Antaless visual design


Amidst both violent and gentle glares of light and darkness, the aim is to retrace the nocturnal streets of the capital-metropolis, delving completely into the urban fabric and its architecture, which constantly transforms once caressed by light. Through patterns, materials and textures reproduced by AI, this journey, which advances on an endless track of spaces, has the sole goal of indulging in the wonder, beauty and imagination of a city that is constantly changing.


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